# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Duke Lee Ho-seong $ 1100629
2 Faker Lee Sang-hyeok $ 1081484
3 Bang Bae Jun-sik $ 994475
4 Wolf Lee Jae-wan $ 987475
5 JackeyLove Yu Wen-bo $ 706455
6 ning Gao Zhen-ning $ 687289
7 RooKie Song Eui-jin $ 683329
8 Baolan Wang Liu-yi $ 656817
9 Blank Kang Sun-gu $ 651389
10 TheShy Kang Dong-geun $ 642776
11 CoreJJ Jo Yong-in $ 634510
12 Bengi Bae Seong-woong $ 634072
13 Ruler Park Jae-hyuk $ 600452
14 CuVee Lee Seong-jin $ 581964
15 Crown Lee Min-ho $ 576034
16 Ambition Kang Chan-yong $ 575377
17 Xiaohu Li Yuan-Hao $ 569068
18 Mlxg Liu Shi-yu $ 514999
19 Karsa Hung Hau-hsuan $ 513800
20 Peanut Han Wang-ho $ 497211
21 Uzi Jian Zi-hao $ 488098
22 Ming Shi Sen-Ming $ 449848
23 Caps Rasmus Winther $ 439512
24 LetMe Yan Jun-ze $ 433719
25 Haru Kang Min-seung $ 423311
26 PerkZ Luka Perković $ 408284
27 Rekkles Martin Larsson $ 382941
28 Huni Heo Seung-hoon $ 362835
29 Meiko Tian Ye $ 341221
30 Broxah Mads Brock-pedersen $ 338804
31 sOAZ Paul Boyer $ 337114
32 Jankos Marcin Jankowski $ 333658
33 ClearLove Ming Kai $ 320146
34 Hylissang Zdravets Galabov $ 319325
35 Scout Lee Ye-chan $ 318941
36 Doinb Kim Tae-sang $ 304853
37 GorillA Kang Beom-hyeon $ 304779
38 Mata Cho Se-hyoung $ 303585
39 PraY Kim Jong-in $ 301403
40 Bwipo Gabriël Rau $ 290401
41 Lwx Lin Wei-xiang $ 285758
42 Deft Kim Hyuk-kyu $ 279219
43 Crisp Liu Qing-song $ 277024
44 Jensen Nicolaj Jensen $ 270449
45 Tian Gao Tian-liang $ 267944
46 Smeb Song Kyung-ho $ 267083
47 Wunder Martin Hansen $ 264923
48 Svenskeren Dennis Johnsen $ 257489
49 Mouse Chen Yu-hao $ 246983
50 KurO Lee Seo-haeng $ 246668


Date Event Prize Pool
0000-00-00 Golden League‎ 2021 Opening No Info LoL
0000-00-00 KeSPA Cup 2020 No Info LoL
0000-00-00 Circuito Tormenta 2020 No Info LoL
0000-00-00 2020 KeG Championship $ 8365 LoL
0000-00-00 World Championship 2020 $ 2250000 LoL
0000-00-00 European Masters 2020 Summer $ 174142 LoL
0000-00-00 Prime League 1st Division 2020 Winter No Info LoL
2020-08-08 Đột Kích Hoa Linh No Info LoL
2020-08-09 Telia Masters 2020 Summer $ 11728 LoL
2020-08-08 Challenge The Sword God $ 2141 LoL
0000-00-00 LCK Academy Series 2020 $ 18356 LoL
0000-00-00 La Ligue Française 2020 Summer $ 70384 LoL
2020-07-30 WeScan Academy Challenge Season 1 $ 1082 LoL
0000-00-00 Baltic Masters Season 5 $ 4520 LoL
0000-00-00 Esports Balkan League Season 7 $ 22452 LoL
0000-00-00 Hitpoint Masters Season 14 $ 2938 LoL
0000-00-00 LCL 2020 Summer $ 71814 LoL
0000-00-00 PCS 2020 Summer $ 71000 LoL
0000-00-00 LLA 2020 Closing $ 43650 LoL
0000-00-00 VCS 2020 Summer $ 51436 LoL
0000-00-00 Challengers Korea 2020 Summer $ 49320 LoL
0000-00-00 LCK 2020 Summer $ 226265 LoL
0000-00-00 Golden League‎ 2020 Closing No Info LoL
0000-00-00 Northen LoL Championship 2020 Summer $ 101640 LoL
0000-00-00 SuperLiga Orange 2020 Summer No Info LoL

LoL eSports – Learn More about the Game

It’s no surprise that League of Legends is, to this day, one of the leading forces in electronic sports. Riot games knew how to be in charge for more than half of the last decade. It’s impossible to have never heard of the eSports League of Legends, especially if you’re already into gaming or at least spend a good amount of time on the internet. Although the video game requires you to gain a lot of knowledge and skill in order to play it properly, it still manages to spark the interest of many people.

Not to mention, since the LoL eSports industry has been developing over the years, there are also players who play on a professional level and earn money. This is possible all thanks to the tournaments organized for the game. League of Legends can be very complex, which is why so many people end up liking it. Before you check the League of Legends eSports schedule to find out when the next tournament is taking place, maybe you’d like to know some information about the game.

Little History Behind LoL eSports

It all started when Marc “Tryndamere” Merill and Brandon “Ryze” Beck founded Riot Games. They used to be roommates and former business students at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles. The two weren’t exactly happy with their careers after college and, besides, they were also unhappy with how contemporary video game developers were running their businesses. That was what made them want to create their own company. The company was meant to provide free-to-play games for the game industry, and these games would then be developed through the feedback left by players.

Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, a veteran of Defense of the Ancients, was recruited by the two in order to help them develop a new game. This game is what later became League of Legends. It took a while to develop the game because Beck and Merill were dealing with different visions compared to other publishers at the time. Later on, they partnered with Tencent, who owns the game in the present. The game was released in 2009, three years after Riot Games was founded.

Ever since, the release of the League of Legends eSports, it’s been gaining a lot of popularity with the growing fan base. That’s why the eSports also has a big number of competitions organized around it, with many pro players participating in them.

How to Play the Game

Every match takes place on a map, with two teams participating. The most commonly used map is Summoner’s Rift. In the game, each one of the teams will be put on different areas of the map, and they will have to fight an opponent so they can gain control for their respective team.

Basically, what you have to do in this game is pretty much remove turrets to protect your team’s side of the map, collect computer-controlled minions, and kill the champions played by other players. You can earn gold, which you can then use to increase your control in the game and even power up your own champion. In order to win the match, you will have to break the Nexus, which can be found once you break into the enemy’s base.

What you also need to know is that you will have to select a champion before the start of your game. There are hundreds of playable champions, and each one of them has its own personality, skills, and so on.


The popular PC game is quite the sensation when it comes to e-sports eSports, so if you’re into betting or you just want to keep yourself entertained, you can watch LoL eSports. When it comes to eSports, League of Legends has a big number of championships, and there are professional teams participating in most of them.

More than that, in eSports LoL tournaments, there is a prize pool, and the team who wins will be the one to take the biggest amount of cash home.

Final Thoughts

In eSports, it’s obvious that LoL is still one of the leading games. Many sports eSports players are emerging every day, ready to conquer the world of League of Legends. Since betting can be done on the game as well, you can check LoL eSports news to find out if there are any new events happening soon. By checking the LoL eSports schedule, you will also be able to find out when they take place.