# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Aniyun Yunhee Chi No info
2 Hero No Info No info
3 Xexo No Info No info
4 Shonurt No Info No info
5 Lilko No Info No info
6 Hofac Noh Jung-woo No info
7 Rodtunglnw Thanaphon Phoosansart No info
8 Clementine No Info No info
9 Yoshinori2k Napawee Suwannasak No info
10 Sa1nt Xi Guofei No info
11 ganyom No Info No info
12 Eaglet No Info No info
13 AMTI No Info No info
14 DoubleLuo No Info No info
15 Bigdevi1 Cheng Shi No info
16 MaoLiqwq No Info No info
17 Tomato No Info No info
18 Snow No Info No info
19 Hope Jerry Ho No info
20 Flandre Chen Yixue No info
21 Jae Jaylen Cuthbertson No info
22 Lumi Manfred Sit No info
23 Ap3ster Shin Seung-woo No info
24 Azalea Figo Chua No info
25 MungGgae Kim Young-gun No info
26 HyVision Nathawit Prajong No info
27 ForeShadows Kim Hyoung-seob No info
28 Sp1nel No Info No info
29 RULER Kim Yi-gun No info
30 Heiser No Info No info
31 william No Info No info
32 Argon No Info No info
33 Fox No Info No info
34 XP7 No Info No info
35 D0nghun Park Dong-hun No info
36 Misin Choi Hyun-geun No info
37 Proud Hong Seok-jin No info
38 Varipick Jeong Beom-seo No info
39 WoochaN Lee Woo-chan No info
40 sucrax Fabian Heindl No info
41 Crimsyn No Info No info
42 Neuu No Info No info
43 par No Info No info
44 eggcellent No Info No info
45 Excal Michael Kim No info
46 Chimera Daniel Jimenez No info
47 Apples Jack Broughton No info
48 SleNdX Luca Boudin No info
49 Pak Julien Henry No info
50 Avoria Killian Rosin No info


Date Event Prize Pool
2024-11-22 OWCS 2024 Finals No info No info
2024-09-27 OWCS 2024 NA 4 $ 75000 No info
2024-09-27 OWCS 2024 EMEA 4 $ 75000 No info
2024-08-23 OWCS 2024 NA 3 $ 75000 No info
2024-08-23 OWCS 2024 EMEA 3 $ 75000 No info
2024-06-01 EWC 2024 No info No info
2024-05-31 OWCS 2024 Major No info No info
2024-04-12 OWCS 2024 NA 2 $ 75000 No info
2024-04-12 OWCS 2024 EMEA 2 $ 75000 No info
2024-03-09 OWCS 2024 NA 1 $ 75000 No info
2024-03-08 OWCS 2024 EMEA 1 $ 75000 No info
2024-02-29 OWCS 2024 Asia 1 $ 150000 No info
2023-12-10 Flash Ops HSD $ 150000 No info
2023-10-29 World Cup 2023 $ 365000 No info
2023-08-30 OWCFS 2023 $ 93300 No info
2023-05-22 OWC 2023 S2 $ 253147 No info
2023-04-15 OWCC 2023 $ 75000 No info
2023-03-22 OWC 2023 S1 $ 281300 Overwatch
2023-03-06 OWL 2023 $ 1855000 Overwatch
2022-12-27 ESET RS No info Overwatch
2022-12-16 OLB $ 15200 Overwatch
2022-12-12 CAHCC $ 25000 Overwatch
2022-12-03 OCH 2022 $ 63000 Overwatch
2022-12-01 SEL 2022 S2 $ 106407 Overwatch
2022-10-19 OWC 2022 S2 $ 625000 Overwatch

Overwatch Esports – A Fun Game for Fun People

With the rise of eSports, more and more people are finding Overwatch a very addictive and fun game to play. This colorful, team-played shooter is packed with a variety of heroes that make the game all the more intriguing – allowing you to enter a world of your own where you can have an active life and take down your enemies. For many people, it is a game that allows you to travel the world with your team and contest a variety of objectives as you enter exciting 6v6 combat.

The Story of Overwatch

They say that the world is always in need of more heroes – and that is exactly what Overwatch is intending to do. Set in the near-future Earth, around the mid-2070s, this game brings the future into the present –allowing you to come up with strategies for futuristic combat.

Before the plot of the game starts, robots have turned against the human race in what is referred to in-game as the Omnic Crisis. Eventually, this resulted in the formation of a strike team, created to bring an end to this devastating war.

This team is actually the beginning of Overwatch – the great international task force that was given the role of maintaining global stability for more than 20 years, up to the moment when corruption tore it apart. Overwatch eventually disbanded, but with the new crisis that was looming, the need for more heroes was quite obvious.

The Roles of the Overwatch Heroes

As a person interested in the Overwatch eSports, you will know that all competitions and tournaments will require for your hero to have a role. Do you want to play a time-traveling freedom-fighter? Or do you wish to enter as a cannon-using ape coming from the moon? Whoever you want to be, there are certainly enough heroes out there for you; you just need to determine exactly which role you wish to play:

  • Tank: When you play as a tank hero, you are practically soaking the damage and shattering the fortified positions that your enemies have. For example, if your enemies are in narrow checkpoints or in closed groups, you may crash through them. If you have the role of the tank, then you are practically the one in charge.
  • Damage: As their role suggests, the heroes are there for one big reason – and that is to inflict damage. They seek out the enemies and deal harm with a variety of tools and combat styles, obliterating them. They are fearsome, but also fragile – which is why they necessity quite a lot of aid to survive.
  • Support: As mention, damage players will need quite a lot of help to survive – which is where the support heroes come in. These heroes will be empowering their allies by shielding, healing, boosting their power, and disabling their foes. In a way, they are pretty much the backbone of every team.

In the eSports industry, you will always need to keep a close eye on who you want to play. The eSport organization is crucial when you wish for the gameplay to be successful, which is why you might also want to check the Overwatch eSports news for further tips.

Overwatch eSports Game Modes

Once you have joined the Overwatch eSports league and decided that you wish to conquer the future with the other electronic sports team players, you will also have to set your game mode:

  • Practice Range: If you are practicing for a professional eSport competition, then you might want to visit the practice range where you can test your skills – or why not, even learn a new hero.
  • Practice/Play vs. AI: Don’t have a team against whom to play? Try playing against enemies that are controlled by an AI.
  • Quick Play: Play against other players that are at your current skill level.
  • Arcade: Try out experimental tournaments and matches, with seasonal and unique rules, along with weekly rewards
  • Competitive Play: Professional eSports mode that allows you to go higher up the ranks.
  • Custom: Special eSports Overwatch area where you may set custom commands and controls.

Final Thoughts

The Overwatch eSport is quite a fun PC game to follow and join in. Regardless if you are a professional or a beginner, this first-person shooter allows you to level up until you become the best on the team.