# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 SicK Hunter Mims $ 101918
2 ShahZaM Shahzeeb Khan $ 101818
3 zombs Jared Gitlin $ 101818
4 dapr Michael Gulino $ 101818
5 TenZ Tyson Ngo $ 80050
6 ScreaM Adil Benrlitom $ 40450
7 L1NK Travis Mendoza $ 37020
8 Kryptix James Affleck $ 37020
9 soulcas Dom Sulcas $ 37020
10 Stax Kim Gu-taek $ 35002
11 RB Goo Sang-min $ 35002
12 k1Ng Lee Seung-won $ 34452
13 Boaster Jake Howlett $ 34260
14 Doma Domagoj Fancev $ 34170
15 mixwell Óscar Cañellas Colocho $ 34064
16 Mistic James Orfila $ 34010
17 Derke Nikita Sirmitev $ 33165
18 davidp David Prins $ 30929
19 Lakia Kim Jong-min $ 30037
20 ardiis Ardis Svarenieks $ 29967
21 glow Kim Min-soo $ 29606
22 Zest Kim Gi-seok $ 29606
23 Magnum Martin Peňkov $ 28628
24 Solo Kang Keun-chul $ 27886
25 Patitek Patryk Fabrowski $ 27488
26 Jamppi Elias Olkkonen $ 27474
27 Suggest Seo Jae-young $ 26936
28 Peri Jung Bum-gi $ 26936
29 allow Park Sang-wook $ 26936
30 pyth Jacob Mourujärvi $ 26132
31 Wardell Matthew Bowman Yu $ 26050
32 sinatraa Jay Won $ 25918
33 Reita Oshiro Ryu $ 24384
34 takej Takemori Shogo $ 24384
35 barce Takebayashi Ryo $ 24384
36 crow Maruoka Tomoaki $ 24384
37 Laz Ushida Koji $ 24384
38 Subroza Yassine Taoufik $ 24050
39 hazed James Cobb $ 23550
40 cNed Mehmet Yağız İpek $ 23032
41 Asuna Peter Mazuryk $ 22550
42 crashies Austin Roberts $ 22450
43 paura Melih Karaduran $ 21334
44 Saadhak Matias Delipetro $ 21213
45 Shao Andrey Kiprsky $ 20684
46 ANGE1 Kyrylo Karasov $ 20684
47 AvovA Auni Chahade $ 20614
48 Hiko Spencer Martin $ 20250
49 FNS Pujan Mehta $ 20200
50 drone Taylor Johnson $ 20150


Date Event Prize Pool
2021-12-01 Esportz Premier Series $ 18775 No Info
2021-11-29 VALORANT Champions 2021 No Info No Info
2021-11-13 Valorant Open Tour France $ 60168 No Info
2021-10-23 Valorant Open Tour Fall France $ 12163 No Info
2021-10-19 LVP Rising Series #4 $ 6065 No Info
2021-10-12 Valorant Champions Tour 2021 North America Last Chance Qualifier No Info No Info
2021-10-11 Valorant Champions Tour 2021 South America Last Chance Qualifier No Info No Info
2021-10-10 Valorant Champions Tour 2021 EMEA Last Chance Qualifier No Info No Info
2021-09-22 Strike Arabia Finals $ 50000 No Info
2021-09-10 VALORANT Oceania Tour 2021 Championship No Info No Info
2021-09-09 VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 Masters Berlin No Info No Info
2021-09-01 The Esports Club Gauntlet Season 2 $ 12362 No Info
2021-08-29 LVP Rising Series #3 $ 6008 No Info
2021-08-28 RixGG VALORANT Open August 2021 $ 2796 No Info
2021-08-26 FSL Open 2021 #6 $ 5000 No Info
2021-08-24 GLA Baku Summer Cup 2021 $ 5000 No Info
2021-08-24 Open Fire All Stars $ 14603 No Info
2021-08-20 Valorant Conquerors Championship $ 33000 No Info
2021-08-19 Beloud Cup #8 Grześki Cup $ 2051 No Info
2021-08-19 FGC Valorant Invitational $ 15475 No Info
2021-08-18 Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship $ 20000 No Info
2021-08-17 Razer Invitational Middle East $ 15000 No Info
2021-08-14 Huntress Trials August 2021 $ 2758 No Info
2021-08-12 VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Japan Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs $ 18112 No Info
2021-08-12 VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs $ 100000 No Info

Valorant Esports – The World of an Amazing Hero Shooter Game

Valorant was released back in 2020, and many people were excited about this game. Everything seemed promising: you did not need the best PC in the world to play the Valorant game, and you could play it for free too. Also, Riot Games made 10 characters available in the beginning, a number that has increased since then.

Thanks to its competitive nature, Valorant became very big in the game industry. The Valorant eSports world evolved, with many players becoming professionals and participating in multiple tournaments centered around the game.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the electronic sports game, chances are you may be thinking of becoming a pro player yourself. Here is all you need to know about Valorant so you can chase your dreams of becoming a professional.

Understanding the Rules

All games have rules, and you must understand them well before you can become a successful player in the game industry.
The eSports Valorant game involves two teams battling each other. One team is the attackers, while the other is the defenders. Members of the attackers’ team will have to get rid of the defenders or plant a spike. Simultaneously, defenders will have to eliminate all their attacker enemies, run out the clock or diffuse the planted spike.

The teams will change roles after 12 rounds – attackers turn into defenders and defenders turn into attackers. One round typically lasts about 100-145 seconds. Winning 13 rounds is what will lead to your team’s victory.
It is one of the eSports where you need to do a lot of work and need a good strategy.

Valorant Maps – How Do They Work?

Before you start a match, you should know about the four types of maps the video game offers. You can choose between Ascent, Bind, Split, Haven, and Icebox. Most of the time, they follow the same structure, even though the aspect is not the same for all.

All of the maps use a lane-based system, and if you want to become a Valorant pro, you must know them very well. Do your best to learn the routes that will let you in and out of a Reactor Site, but also the angles where enemies will hold or push on the map. Get used to everything.

Choosing the Right Agent

Here is where things get more fun: you must choose your hero, which in Valorant is referred to as an agent. The game Valorant characters are all attributed to a specific category. It could be a Sentinel, Controller, Initiator, or Duelist.

Since you are playing a hero shooter, you must choose your character carefully. Sentinels are great for people who want a more traditional experience, whereas Duelists are ideal for those who are fans of going crazy with shooting enemies.

Controllers can change the game’s flow, so their team has the advantage, and if you are a good communicator and strategist, you’ll love these agents. And if you want to be a supportive player but don’t want to go with Sentinels, you can always go for Initiators.

Players must pick their characters according to their preferences and strategies. Once you choose, you will have to learn everything about their powers and understand when you should and shouldn’t use certain skills.
Also, you’ll have to practice and learn how to use your chosen Agent in order to counter the abilities of an enemy.

Items You Can Use

Valorant is one of the epic games in the eSports industry where you can use various items to try to win your match. You can use different weapons and shields, as well as powers.

The game has more than 10 weapons you can choose from, and you can take advantage of them when you and the team have enough money. As for shields, you can get them with credits. You can choose between Light Shields or Heavy Shields. The latter gives you as much as 150 HP.

Final Thoughts

Valorant is one of the most exciting free games one can get into today. If you love this video game and want to get into professional eSports, you’ll have to practice and learn many tips and tricks. When you’re ready, you can join a Valorant league.

Check out the Valorant eSports schedule to find out when the next tournaments are so you can watch other pro players and get some inspiration.