# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Hyped George Maganzini $ 6600
2 Caelum No Info No info
3 Farafaxis No Info No info
4 Tuttek Łukasz Lipka No info
5 Kishtar No Info No info
6 valtim No Info No info
7 Zananananan Florian Marschner No info
8 Hotgirlz No Info No info
9 KAN No Info No info
10 YAYtears No Info No info
12 ImmortalLion Kyle Evans No info
13 MKatzenbach No Info No info
14 Bamboo24 No Info No info
15 BigBl4ckWolf No Info No info
16 Henry No Info No info
17 dab No Info No info
18 SiaoBenTW No Info No info
19 Snoodyboo No Info No info
20 BlueWolf No Info No info
21 JDart No Info No info
22 Islandcat No Info No info
23 FromH_33 No Info No info
24 MagicMike No Info No info
25 Faceopei No Info No info
26 SiZeMaTTeRs Karry Lim No info
27 krimo00000 krimo nouar No info
28 Moluk Wojciech Złomek No info
29 shiunryu arghatirta app No info
30 Pandahead Carl Sagan No info
31 elle19 Elliot Karlsson No info
32 LoneDudu Nenad Vujanovic No info
33 Melane Marek Zábran No info
34 KoreanPizzaBoy Jan Schaffer No info
35 standee18 Ian D. No info
36 Ryebread No Info No info
37 Kolemoen No Info No info
38 ANDREASV13 No Info No info
39 Shoop David Steinberg No info
40 Finneri No Info No info
41 XinHS No Info No info
42 NaviOOT Alex Ridley No info
43 Pokerface No Info No info
44 GHAZKULL No Info No info
45 Overkgepge No Info No info
46 iThomas No Info No info
47 raypeko No Info No info
48 Dogok No Info No info
49 FailFellow No Info No info
50 Lekariy Igor Kulik No info

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2020-08-02 Golden Club World Cup 2020 $ 98328 Hearthstone
2020-07-27 Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers 2020 Montreal No Info Hearthstone
2020-07-26 Hearthstone Czech Masters Summer 2020 $ 5280 Hearthstone
2020-07-19 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020 Online Asia-Pacific $ 500000 Hearthstone
2020-07-05 Solary Grand Prix 3 $ 2250 Hearthstone
2020-06-28 Red Bull The Br4wl 2020 $ 9010 Hearthstone
2020-06-28 WSOE Online I: Hearthstone $ 10000 Hearthstone
2020-06-14 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020 Jönköping $ 500000 Hearthstone
2020-06-08 Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 Americas $ 170750 Hearthstone
2020-06-07 Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 EMEA $ 170750 Hearthstone
2020-06-07 Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 Asia-Pacific $ 170750 Hearthstone
2020-06-03 Battleriff Pro Legends Season 7 Playoffs $ 5000 Hearthstone
2020-05-28 House Rivalries Masters 2020 Season 1 $ 300 Hearthstone
2020-05-25 Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers 2020 Online Asia-Pacific No Info Hearthstone
2020-04-22 Outland Inn-vitational $ 100000 Hearthstone
2020-03-30 Hearthstone Masters Qualifier 2020 Jönköping No Info Hearthstone
2020-03-24 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020 Los Angeles $ 500000 Hearthstone
2020-02-24 DreamHack Anaheim 2020 $ 2500 Hearthstone
2020-02-03 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2020 Arlington $ 438600 Hearthstone
2020-01-19 Colmar Esport Show 2020 $ 2450 Hearthstone
2020-01-18 Inven Cup 2020 $ 8620 Hearthstone
2019-12-23 Hearthstone Global Games 2019 $ 75000 Hearthstone
2019-12-14 ESL nationals Česko a Slovensko 2019 $ 2200 Hearthstone
2019-11-03 Grandmasters Global Finals 2019 $ 500000 Hearthstone
2019-10-20 Hearthstone Masters Tour 2019 Bucharest $ 500000 Hearthstone

Winning with Hearthstone eSports – the Ultimate Card Game

If you are into digital card games but also like quite a bit of a storyline in your matches, then you might have heard about Hearthstone. A game that has become increasingly popular in the past few years, Hearthstone eSports have attracted quite a number of players.

People join this eSport organization for the simplicity of the game – but they also appreciate the fact that it also involves quite a bit of strategy work. The better you play your cards, the easier you will stay in the game. You just need to learn how to play it and how to handle the tournaments.

What Is Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is a digital card game from the eSports industry that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and has the purpose of reducing the health of your opponent all the way down to zero.

Each player alternates through turns, during which they use mana in order to play their cards. During their turn, each player may use minions, weapons, spells, and secrets in order to win – all of which can have a great influence throughout the game. Depending on the circumstances, the players can either go on the offensive or on the defensive – meaning that they can either heal or attack.

Hearthstone eSports – A Straightforward Game

When people see Hearthstone for the first time, they might initially think that it is quite a difficult game to play. However, the game could not be any simpler – as everything is laid out for you on the main page. Playing the Hearthstone eSport is rather simple:

Pick the Starting Hand

Every match begins with something as simple as a coin toss – an action that will determine which one will be the first to go in the game. Once that has been decided, both players will draw their starting hand: the coin toss winner gets three cards and the other gets four cards.

Since that gives quite an advantage to the winner, the one on the losing side also receives “The Coin” – a no-cost special card that temporarily gives your mama a +1 boost. Once the hand is accepted, the game can proceed.

Draw a Card and Play

At the beginning of every turn, you are expected to draw a card from the deck. There are also some cards that will permit you to draw extra cards from the deck when it’s your turn.

While just one mana crystal is not much to go one, there are quite a few cards that you can play. The Argent Squire is one such example. Once the first cards have been played, it’s time for you to attack. Summon minions, use hero power, play spells – and do whatever is necessary to take out your opponent – all while shielding yourself.

Bear in mind that each attack in this electronic sports game takes one point of durability. Once the durability runs out of a weapon, it gets forever discarded.

End the Turn

Once you are satisfied with the eSports Hearthstone game session, it is time for you to end your turn and analyze the tactics of your opponents. Will they be summoning more minions, or will they be focusing on removing yours? With each turn, the game will become all the more fun and challenging – and by predicting their strategy, you will know what your next step will be.

Choosing the Game Mode

Regardless if you want to join a professional eSport competition or want to simply have a casual game, there are several options for you to go for. You may go for simple practice or play mode, you may engage in a tavern brawl, you can go on solo adventures, or you may enter the arena. The more you play, the more your ranking goes up.

Once you become better at what you do, you may even enter the professional eSports tournaments. You just need to learn the Hearthstone eSports schedule and log in at the appointed time. Once you do that, all you have to do is use your strategic knowledge in order to become the first in your league.