Date Event Prize Pool
2024-02-13 Six Invitational 2024 $ 3000000 No info
2023-10-30 Major Atlanta 2023 $ 750000 No info
2023-09-15 Saudi eLeague 2023 S2 $ 106740 No info
2023-08-30 MNEB S6 $ 8504 No info
2023-08-11 BP $ 4000 No info
2023-08-09 Summer Cup $ 7480 No info
2023-08-02 NRR 2023 $ 43370 No info
2023-08-01 GR Summer $ 10000 No info
2023-07-22 JI 2023 No info No info
2023-07-22 Central Combine $ 43130 No info
2023-07-13 Gamers8 2023 $ 2000000 No info
2023-07-06 ELEMENT ONE $ 25000 No info
2023-05-11 GWB 2023 $ 2500000 No info
2023-05-10 MNEB S5 $ 8712 No info
2023-04-24 Major Copenhagen 2023 $ 750000 No info
2023-04-14 AL 2023 $ 290000 No info
2023-04-09 GA 2023 $ 5459 Rainbow Six
2023-04-05 6 French Challengers S4 $ 5412 No info
2023-04-03 Voltage S1 $ 1090 No info
2023-03-20 LATAML 2023 No info No info
2023-03-18 JPL 2023 $ 278030 No info
2023-03-15 MENAL 2023 $ 50000 No info
2023-03-15 NAL 2023 $ 223000 No info
2023-03-13 OCL 2023 $ 98670 No info
2023-03-13 EUL 2023 $ 381780 No info

Things You Need to Know Before Getting into Rainbow Six eSports

Rainbow Six: Siege, the tactical first-person shooter game which was released a few years ago managed to gather a lot of players over time. It is a multiplayer game, even though you can do a few single-player missions too.

Despite not having the best start, Rainbow Six Siege quickly became a renowned eSport, and now fans have the opportunity to watch a lot of competitions that focus on the game. Even better, a plethora of Rainbow Six professional gamers have appeared, and they have admirers all around the world.

Chances are you want to become an expert PC Gamer on Rainbow Six yourself. But you must be patient and go through the journey of learning what Rainbow Six involves and how it works.

This post will tell you everything you should know about the game.

What Is Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter game which had its release on December 1, 2015. Ubisoft Montreal is the developer, while Ubisoft is the publisher. Siege is part of the Rainbow Six games series, with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots being the predecessor.
Rainbow Six Siege was released for different platforms, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

It took a while for the game to take over, but once it did, it managed to reach the milestone of more than 20 million players all over the world. Critics also named Rainbow Six Siege one of the market’s best multiplayer games, mainly thanks to the updates brought after the launch which added some improvements.

After a while, the Rainbow Six eSports world was born: Ubisoft entered a partnership with ESL, to turn Siege into an eSports video game. This is what allowed the popularity of the game and the number of players to expand even more, with more than 70 million registered players enjoying what Siege has to offer.

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

If you want to become a famous Rainbow Six Siege player, you must understand all the Rainbow Six eSport rules. This involves knowing what your goal will be during games.

You will play as part of a team of five. Both these teams will have to take turns defending and attacking, and every type of game will bring a different purpose with it.

For instance, you may have to take control of certain objectives in specific rooms, or you may have to defuse a bomb or rescue hostages. It all depends on the game type.

The game is a multiplayer one, so most people play with friends or join random teams with strangers, hoping for the best. Siege does have a few single-player missions too, though. These are ideal for people who are just starting and want to get used to the game before they jump into multiplayer mode and later the eSports scene.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Different from Other Shooter Games?

Rainbow Six Siege is a shooter game, therefore many may compare it to the other big shooter video games in eSports, such as CS: GO or Call of Duty.
Unlike the other epic games in the genre, Siege focuses more on team tactics and strategy. You have to do everything you can to win the game without dying. A good plan is required to survive, as a few bullets are enough to kill you.

You can also destroy walls and ceilings in the game too, which is great for creative minds that are trying to come up with a strategy.

What Siege Tournaments You Can Watch for Inspiration

The famous PC and Xbox game is the center of many eSports tournaments today. If you check the Rainbow Six Siege eSport schedule frequently, you will see that there are events that occur annually. The Six Invitational event had editions in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.
You can always watch these tournaments and see what other players are like during the matches. It can help you develop your own skills.

Final Thoughts

If you want to play Rainbow Six Siege professionally, you must know how the game is played and what events you may be able to join in the future. Hopefully, this article was a good start for you.