# Team Name Earned Rating Last Game
1 VP No Info 0.00 52 years ago
2 ASM.GMB No Info 0.00 52 years ago
3 DV1 No Info 0.00 52 years ago
4 MZT No Info 0.00 52 years ago
5 MTD No Info 0.00 52 years ago
6 GOD No Info 0.00 52 years ago
7 Vitality No Info 0.00 52 years ago
8 100 Thieves No Info 0.00 52 years ago
9 CLG No Info 0.00 52 years ago
10 NRG No Info 0.00 52 years ago


Team Tournament Prize

Top 4 Fortnite Teams in the World

It’s been five years since Fortnite was released, and during this time, large numbers of pro players joined the eSport. They work hard to make their names known all over the world, but also to obtain money by winning eSports tournaments.
While some players join tournaments alone, others end up joining Fortnite teams with other stars and competing in big events. Amazing pro gamers such as Arkhram and Bugha are always watched by fans who love Fortnite, but they do not always play alone. Sometimes, they are part of Duos or Trios, depending on the tournaments they join.
But which are the best eSport teams Fortnite? Let’s find out.

100 Thieves

One of the most praised names in Fortnite is certainly 100 Thieves. Recently, the eSports world has been keeping an eye on this team because some of the best players are members. What’s even better is that the group has managed to win many times across 51 tournaments over the last few years.
Even though the team has been participating in more than 200 tournaments, they are focusing on Fortnite the most. So far, Fortnite events brought them more than $2.2 million.

Team Liquid

Another name worth mentioning for the Fortnite team eSport field is Team Liquid, which has been one of the most spectacular teams and one of the most successful groups. Not only did they win various Solo competitions, but they were also great in various Duos events.
The team has professional players such as Poach, Riversan, Fiber, Vivid, Chap, Cented, 72 Hours, and Stretch.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is one of the Fortnite team names that cannot be missing from the top teams’ list. It is a leader in rankings many times alongside other popular groups.
This team is one of the most famous on the planet, and pro players Cloak, Team Captain, and FaZe Tfue started it. But over time, they also had other amazing players like Dakotaz, CouRage, and Ninja. Ninja was the most famous player on the team, mainly because of the huge following he had on Twitch.
Having participated in many Fortnite tournaments and winning many games, FaZe Clan is one of the most successful teams.

Team SoloMid

Another team that people have been paying attention to lately is Team SoloMid. Fortnite is what helped them become successful, as they were able to gain a lot of new supporters and fans this way. Popular players like ZexRow are part of this team, while coaches include famous people like Ali-A and DrLupo.
The team makes $500,000-$700,000 a year on average.

The Bottom Line

Being a team Fortnite eSport member often works better for some players than playing Solo. This is why some teams are now ranking so high and being so good in tournaments. If you want to watch some great teams, keep an eye on the ones mentioned in this post.