# Nickname Name Earnings
# Nickname Name Earnings
1 Ceice Davis Mcclellan No info
2 Falconer Brendan Falconer No info
3 Arkhram Diego Lima No info
4 rehx Brodie Franks No info
5 Elevate Hayden Krueger No info
6 MrSavage Martin Andersen No info
7 Marksman Nick Overton No info
8 Leno No Info No info
9 Symetrical Reza Ebrahimi Manie No info
10 Jay No Info No info
11 Tocata Kevin Lane No info
12 letw1k3 Mark Danilov No info
13 Toose Ilya Chernyshov No info
14 Mawakha Vladislav Milahin No info
15 Melside Artem Melnikov No info
16 Tohaj Kevin Batic No info
17 Taiovsky Patryk Winny No info
18 Hycel Jakub Krawczyk No info
19 Nero Dominik Dąbrowski No info
20 Dialer Alexander Urbaniak No info
21 V1ns Aleksander Dahlke No info
22 Sk1x Sebastian Sieczkowski No info
23 Qln Jakub Romanowski No info
24 Hoopek Michał Jurek No info
25 Tj Mikkel Johansen No info
26 Whai Alexander Anden No info
27 MartinCreek Martin Bäcklund No info
28 Avarice Sam Campbell No info
29 wakie Felix Thebo Hortlund No info
30 znappy Alexander Zayedli No info
31 TINARAES Tina Perez No info
32 Maddiesuun Madison Mann No info
33 Carlee Carlee Gress No info
34 Hannah Hannah Reyes No info
35 Moqii No Info No info
36 carnifex Edoardo Badolato No info
37 art1er Arthur Bischof No info
38 Los Amigos Wesley Josuè Caicedo Luque No info
39 D3rcyz Alessandro Bassi No info
40 zwetschkE Matthias Casaretto No info
41 Berki Berkay Sarioba No info
42 Kalk Julius Winter No info
43 Carnifexed Daniel Jahn No info
44 TreY No Info No info
45 Pepper Lukas Goldack No info
46 Fledermoys Max Grunwald No info
47 a1ms0nz Marvin Wohlt No info
48 Legxndz Kenan Tazi No info
49 Floriixn Florian Sahiti No info
50 nyhrox Emil Bergquist Pedersen No info


Everything You Should Know About Fortnite eSports

Fortnite is a game known by people all over the world. Some play it regularly, while others simply heard about it on social media or from content creators or streamers. Its unique characters, skins, and competitive aspect got people hooked, allowing some players to even join the professional scene and excel at the eSport.
Today, the Fortnite eSports field is very large, with a lot of pro players, teams, and a plethora of tournaments that fans can watch and follow results for. You may be interested in following such events yourself or maybe you want to become a professional player too.
That being said, here are a few things you should know about Fortnite as an eSport.

Fortnite – What Exactly Is It?

Some people keep hearing the name “Fortnite” and are well aware that it is an online game, but not everyone knows what type of game it is.
Fortnite is a game released by Epic Games. It is a Battle Royale where 100 players are fighting to survive on a remote island. While they are playing, they can collect various things which can help them stay alive for longer and even beat their enemies. The sole survivor of the match will be the winner.
As the gamers are in the match, the playable area will shrink more and more until there is none left. So, all players have to work fast to eliminate opponents and also protect themselves at the same time.
People who are interested in Fortnite can download it on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, but also the Epic Games App and Samsung Galaxy Store.

A lot of people fell in love with Fortnite due to the gameplay, and over the few years it’s been available, it managed to gather a numerous player base. It got so popular that tournaments focusing on the game are often organized, with a high number of pro players competing either by themselves or in teams to be able to win the prize.
On top of that, there are content creators who center their content around the battle royale. Many famous streamers play the game live while talking to their followers.

Why Is Fortnite so Popular?

Fortnite got popular for multiple reasons. One of the biggest ones is the fact that the game is free.
Basically, anyone can download it and play it for as long as they want to. No penny has to be spent if you want to enjoy the action of the eSports game. Not to mention, Fortnite is also available on multiple platforms, and you can even play it on a mobile device.
Furthermore, Fortnite has a cartoonish style, and it is not targeted at mature audiences. People of all ages can play it, which makes it accessible for larger amounts of individuals.

Fortnite Tournaments

Every year, Fortnite fans have several events to look forward to.
In 2019, an announcement was talking about the Championship Series including a Fortnite primier eSport circuit. In the Fortnite Championship series, a leaderboard would allow people to see the Fortnite eSport results at all times. Also, players would participate across full seasons.
Another famous Fortnite event that was very anticipated was the Fortnite World Cup. This competition only took place in 2019 so far as the pandemic took over the world and hosting large events was either impossible or very difficult. Back in 2019, the event has a US$30 million prize pool. The Fortnite World Cup may return in the future.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite is a game with a large player base and a lot of tournaments. Every year, pro players from all over the world join the events hoping to win a big prize. You have the chance to become a professional player too if you work hard enough. But if you would rather stay a casual fan, you can still participate in the Fortnite eSports field by watching the tournaments and supporting your favorite players.